A row of barrels in the Relic cave.

2018 Carbonic Pinot Noir

Now this is fun! At Schatzi’s request, we made a 100% Carbonic macerated Pinot Noir from Kashaya. This fermented inter-cellularly in a Carbon Dioxide atmosphere for 13 days before being pressed at dryness. The wine was then aged for 11 months before bottling, taming some of the vivacious fruitiness that this method produces. Still, the wine is extremely floral, fruity and soft. Aromas of strawberry jam, candied raspberry, Montmorency cherry, sage and floral notes blast from the glass. The palate is super silky with only the finest tannins. The finish is luxurious, juicy and soft, in the way that only Carbonic wines show. This is a Microlot Club wine and only available to members of that list. Please contact us for information.

  • 23 cases produced
  • Microlot Club Wine
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