Since before Relic was born in 2001, we have been obsessed with wines from all over the world — from hillsides, alluvial fans and benchlands, from many countries and many different varietals. Our portfolio of wines is almost as diverse as our taste. Discover more about our wines here, and for a deeper dive visit our Story and Philosophy.


These are the wines that have formed the core of our portfolio for many years and are at the heart of our winemaking.


Although all of our wines are made in small quantities, these special wines are more recent additions to our portfolio and are sometimes from just a barrel or two.


Microlots are produced from truly exceptional and unique, single barrels of wine that we think illustrate the essence of what is happening backstage at Relic. Below are a few examples of Microlots released in recent vintages, which are available exclusively to members of our All Access Club.